Dear Customers,

Our goal is to develop a reputable and reliable platform for Cryptocurrency trading with professional touch on the market. Cryptocurrency is one of the most liquid market in the industry, but with predictable framework that gives expert traders advantage on profit making plus trade leverage.

We focus on trending markets, and emerging ICOs with the potentials to become major players. Every investment we make is objectively done to leverage trade advantage and make profit over time.

Highest Leverage

Cryptobitfinance provides the highest leverage across all of the available instruments and platforms, allowing you to maximize your trading profits.

Access to Global Markets

Is Bitcoin is not enough for you? Tap into global financial markets and speculate on the prices of Indices, FX, and commodities.

100% Privacy

Cryptobitfinance respects the user’s privacy, hence there is no personal information required for you to begin trading. No lengthy KYC verifications - start trading in minutes!


Trade BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and EOS with 100x leverage and the lowest fees


Access the most popular indices such as S&P500, FTSE100, JAPAN, and much more.


Go long or go short on 25 Forex majors. Take advantage of leverage up to 1000x


Speculate on the prices of high profile commodities such as oil and gold, and profit from their growth and decline.